• Program Philosophy

    The objective of Riverdale Community Childcare Centre is to provide a setting where children three and older are encouraged to learn in a warm and stimulating play environment – one that fosters independence and encourages activities that lead to a sense of accomplishment. Learning is fun, and through child’s play we hope to provide a satisfying and stimulating experience for each child.

    Staff will be responsive to the children’s needs, be aware of their development, interests and realities, and use this information as a basis for planning activities that are open ended, child directed, and based on learning through play. These areas have been defined as: Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative, Emotional and Self-concept. The program will be varied: large and small muscle activities, indoor and outdoor play, use of imaginative materials or creative media, and real life equipment. There will be quiet times (listening to music, singing, reading of books, puzzles, manipulative toys) and active periods (crafts, painting, block building, housekeeping play.) All planning is modified to accommodate the needs and interests of individual children.

    We exceed regulatory requirements by keeping two staff in ratio at all times regardless of the number of children in the center.  Regulations state one staff for eight children; we have one staff for seven children. We always have three staff plus parent volunteers for field trips.

    Open Door

    The staff at Riverdale Community Childcare Centre consider our center to be an extension of the family and we encourage parent involvement within the center.  Parents that join the class are expected to provide direct assistance to the staff in program implementation – for example, reading a story to the children, sharing special talents or helping with crafts.

    We also value your input, suggestions, concerns and participation and encourage parent involvement in all our activities.  


    Parent Resources

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